Best Narrowest Car Seats

Best Narrowest Car Seats

Best Narrowest Car Seats There are so many European companies that make Best Narrowest Car Seats such as Combi, Clerk, and Cybex are the most popular. Europe has tons of small cars such as VWs, Fiats, Renaults, Skodas and small Toyotas according to the needs of their customers. So the market for the narrow car seats is really big and competitive. Here is the list of some best narrowest car seats

CombiCoccoro Convertible Car Seat

The CombiCorroco is perfectly suitable for fitting into even the tiniest Vehicles and this seat is only 15.5” wide, which is the same width as the narrowest infant car seat on our list. This car seat is comfortable, stylish, high quality and safe. This car seat has Tru-Safe side impact protection with very deep side walls, EPS energy absorbing foam, a five-point harness with a visual indicator to show its buckled, and tether connection and easy to use Latch connectors.

GracoSlimfit Convertible Car Seat

The gracoslimfit car seat is around 18” wide and is pretty narrow as the Diono or Clek models. This will help to install 3 seats on the back of your cars like a full-sized car, SUV, minivan, or truck, but you can not fit three seats in a normal size car. This is likely a great option for you given the reasonable price around $175. This seat has also some features as compared to its competitors which includes crash and side impact testing, 5 point harness, EPS energy absorbing, two cupholders that can swing in to meet the 18” wide requirement, 4 position recline, and the versatility to go all the way from infant car seat to convertible car seat with harness (20-65 pounds), and then we can also adjust belt-positioning booster (5-40 pounds). It has a soft touch that was easy to spot wipe clean and easy to remove for washing machine.

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